The ICA centre provides a welcoming atmosphere

Residence programme

This programme provides living accommodations for people who are in higher-education training programmes or doing professional stages (internships) in Brussels.

There are a number of residential floors in the centre with individual furnished rooms. Toilets and showers on residential floors are shared. Cooking facilities are not available since all meals are provided.

We are not a hotel, youth hostel, an apartment complex, or University dormitory. We are an established community who care for each other and our facilities.

As a community we subscribe to the practice of living lightly and living simply on the planet.

We choose to share our facility with groups and individuals who are ready to share in the life of such a community and are ready to take responsibility for its well-being.

We welcome people from around the world and usually have as many as 15 nationalities in residence.

If, participating in an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding, as part of an international community, appeals to you, please contact us.

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