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ICA Belgium offers flexible training and consulting services using the Institute's proprietary Technology of Participation (ToP) techniques. If you interested please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All these books are available through Amazon.co.uk.


The Facilitative Way The Facilitative Way
Wilson, Harnish and Wright

This book is written for those who are in a position of responsibility for individuals, teams,
tasks and their organizations. It examines the skills, techniques and methods needed to
help people think and act together to make a difference.

The Workshop Book The Workshop Book
R. Brian Standfield

This book outlines the best practices of the workshop method, based on the ICA's
Technology of Participation (ToP™) and its use in consensus formation, planning,
problem solving and research. It describes the basic workshop method, its various
steps and uses, and its further development. It also discusses workshop preparation
and design, leadership styles, dealing with difficult behaviors, and special applications
such as its use in large groups and for planning purposes.

Art of Focused Conversation Art of Focused Conversation
R. Brian Standfield

This "how-to" book by ICA Canada’s staff and associates demonstrates many uses of
the Focused Conversation Method in the workplace. The book has two parts. Part I
explains the theory of the conversation. Part 2 contains 100 sample conversations
designed for use in many different situations.

Art of Focused Conversation L’art de la Discussion Structurée: 100 Applications Concrètes pour une
Nouvelle Génération de Leaders.

R. Brian Standfield

Same book as The Art of Focused Conversation:
100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace
in French.

More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus
R. Bruce Williams.

A how-to-do-it book with each method or process simply explained. It includes
step-by-step procedures, examples and tips for use.

The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society.
R. Brian Standfield

Brian Stanfield was director of publications at ICA Canada. This book starts from the
premise that, to transform society, we first need to transform ourselves. It presents
twelve leadership stances, any one of which, if adopted, will change your life.

Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizen Participation and the Rise of Civil Society Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizen Participation and the Rise of Civil Society
John Burdidge, Editor

A collection of essays by authors from around the world focus on the emergence of
Civil Society as a key to long term sustainable global/local development. Taken from
the 1996 International Conference of ICA International held in Cairo, Egypt.

Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-making Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-making.
Sam Kaner

A manual of techniques and tools to enable any group in their decision-making journey.
Its creative graphics and step-by-step organisation make it an exceptionally useful tool
for any facilitator.

Winning Through Participation: Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change with the Technology of Participation Winning Through Participation: Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change
with the Technology of Participation

Laura J. Spencer

Now in its 6th printing this book is an indispensable guide to the application of
the ICA Methods in business and industry.

Ganar Mediante la Participacion Ganar Mediante la Participacion.
Laura J. Spencer

"Winning Through Participation" in Spanish. An excellent introduction to the
language of facilitation in Spanish.

International Facilitator’s Companion CD International Facilitator’s Companion CD
Jon C. Jenkins

This CD covers a wide range of facilitation and training techniques
(14 different subject areas). It is a must for those seeking to provide a professional
facilitation service.

The Social Process Triangles The Social Process Triangles
Jon and Maureen Jenkins

This book, based on ICA Global Research, details one of the most powerful and
comprehensive analysis systems available today. It presents a model of the social
process that offers a way of holding together anthropological social theory into
a single graphic abstract..


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